I firmly believe in nothing and I am honestly fascinated by everything. I'm 21 and I am trying very hard to make it appear like I know what I'm doing with my life. I live in the drunkest city in the Midwest. I occasionally have some strong opinion or emotional response to a picture I see on here, or a person who makes me feel something, or even just an experience in my life and this blog serves as my private release for those moments. I constantly strive for self-improvement and am quite a perfectionist so naturally all my disappointments manifest on here. If you're into undergraduate angst and romantic disillusionment you'll probably relate to me.

Anonymous: Post a photo of yourself?

says person who asks anonymously?

I’ve been using both Hair Formula 37 & Nisim FAST shampoo for about three weeks now

and I can already SEE an incredible difference.

not only does my hair feel thicker, but when I run my fingers through it I can feel all these little baby hairs on my scalp. I’m actually growing MORE hair. it’s grown about half an inch, which for me is the equivalent of over two months without any chemical treatment.

it’s definitely not as drastic a change as many of the reviews I read, however I truly believe I have the finest, slowest-growing hair known to womankind. on top of that, I have fried the living shit out of it with regular colorings, perms, heat products, etc.

so honestly, the fact that it has visibly more luster, volume, and actual growth is astonishing.

my nails and skin look great too! except for a minor (yet annoying) breakout on my chin as of yesterday. but I’m perioding, and I just got done with a run of a show (my face always reacts to heavy stage makeup after a lot of use), so I’m going to blame it on the timing.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to do another month of this stuff. probably limit it to one product, since I’m a poor college student with a shit job. has anyone else on tumblr seen great results with either of these products? please let me know what you think!


Brother sister dancing

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When I think about it, I’m quite ready to die

I’ve experienced love. I’ve experienced loss.
I’ve learned and I think I’ve taught.
I’ve travelled. I’ve broken rules. I’ve tried new things. I’ve changed and I’ve changed others.

What else is there, really? Just because someone’s body hasn’t begun falling apart yet doesn’t mean they died “young”.


“Her lips didn’t taste like church but her hips felt like God.”